December 23, 2009

Hello fellow bloggers. I have not written on here since my class prompted me to, so here I am again..deciding to write something small about my life at the moment.

Its almost Christmas Eve-joy. I made margarita cake for tomorrow and it looks pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I am enjoying my break by filling my time with my intersession reading.  Perhaps on Christmas day I will do to the movies to see the gorgeous Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes..hmmm.

I really want to travel soon, but do not have the funds at the moment..perhaps over the next semester with my 2 jobs I will be able to save up enough to support my ambitious travel plans. I’m thinking about going back to Greece, and then also visiting France, Germany, the north part of Italy, maybe Belgium again…I think I could visit it all in 3 weeks.

I am still trying to figure out this wordpress thing..I am not much of a blogger (as you can tell from the great gap in time from when I wrote before) but I am trying to be more “with the times”.

I think I will go update my twitter as well. Happy Holidays everyone!!